Visitors are required to have a valid passport and visa. They are obtainable from the Tanzanian High Commission in your country. Visas may  also be issued on arrival. However it is best to consult your Airline agent before making definite departure plans.


An airport departure tax of US$ 20 per person is applicable when departing out of the country and US$ 4 per person for local flights, unless this is already paid for in your ticket.


Please take the same care that you would in any other part of the world.
Do not leave valuables in your hotel rooms. We recommend that you keep your cash and travellers’ cheques on you at all times, along with other valuables such as your passport and airline tickets.

We do not recommend that you walk around Arusha at night. Take a taxi instead.

Remember that the animals you see are wild, and that whilst in the vehicle, your smell is camouflaged by the petrol fumes. To approach animals on foot from the car, or to wander out of your lodge or camp is to court danger.