Udzungwa Mountains National Park

Brooding and primeval, the forests of Udzungwa seam positively enchanted: a verdant refuge of sunshine-dappled glades enclosed by 30-metre high trees, their buttresses layered with fungi, lichens, mosses and ferns.

Size: 1,990 sq km.
Location: Five hours (350km) from Dar es Salaam; 65 km southwest of Mikumi.
Getting there: Drive from Dar es Salaam or Mikumi National Park.
What to do: Hiking to the waterfalls.
When to go: Possible year round although slippery in the rains. The dry season is June-October before the short rains but be prepared for rain anytime.
Accommodation: Camping inside the park. Bring all food and supplies. Two modest but uncomfortable lodges with en-suite rooms within 1km of the park entrance.